The North East Hertfordshire

Branch of the UK Independence Party

Covering Baldock, Letchworth and Royston


Get Involved

Become a UKIP Member

Some of you have not yet taken the step of joining us. While we treasure everyone who supports UKIP, our real strength relies on our members, without whom there would be no UKIP. You can join UKIP by joining our branch.

Stand as a local UKIP candidate

We are always in need of people who are willing to bring UKIP values into local decision-making, cutting through the red tape and waste that is all too prevalent nowadays. UKIP is fielding as many candidates as we can in the upcoming local council elections.

This means that as a branch we will be very busy with the campaign. It has been proven that people are more likely to vote in a General Election for candidates of parties who also stand in local elections. If you would consider standing as a candidate in Local Government Elections please see this page for full details.

You can view who is standing in and where we have vacancies.

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