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Britain alone but free!

Dad's Army
Britain has now officially left the EU. This is a cause for celebration, but we must temper our feelings in the knowledge that at least until December 2020 we are subject to the laws and whims of the EU with no say at all. We are, to all intents and purposes, a vassal state in 2020.

The Withdrawal Agreement was not perfect, as this blog reveals. Boris Johnson had limited negotiating room in his revision of the terrible deal that the worst Prime Minister ever - Theresa May - had handed him.

However, we must look forward, not back. The mood music from the Tory government is positive if we are to judge early statements on red line issues such as fishing. But UKIP still has a role in British politics. We must ensure there is no backsliding on Brexit. And there are clear differences on policy with the Tories. HS2 is going ahead, whilst we oppose it. There are no plans to reduce foreign aid. Our Armed Forces will continue to be under-resourced. We cannot yet trust Boris Johnson on immigration, which must be cut - he has previously spoken positively for an amnesty for some illegal migrants. Climate change hysteria must be challenged. Our justice system is in crisis.

So our work must, and will, continue. We exist not to govern but to influence and to hold those in power to account and ensure that our country becomes a great, free and independent country once again.

About our branch

Welcome to our Branch website. We represent the parliamentary constituency of North East Hertfordshire, which covers the towns of Letchworth, Baldock and Royston and the surrounding rural area. And as well as our branch meetings, we reach out to our members and any other 'Kippers' by keeping our website fresh with national and EU news.

Thus we maintain a Brexit Watch page where we post new articles regularly, and other pages such as EU Watch - where the excesses, hypocrisy and idiocy of that anti-democratic organisation in Brussels are exposed - and a News page where UKIP's latest news can be found.

But UKIP is not just about Brexit - we campaign on a range of issues and there is still much to fight for. So why not Become a member, stand as a candidate or come to a Branch meeting?

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